Samadhi Mind is about creating well-being, tranquility and simplicity in the midst of a world that is insane.


A mind characterized by samadhi is naturally tranquil, luminous and in balance. A life characterized by samadhi is like a well-built ship that rolls easily and safely with the waves, even the tempestuous squalls of a storm. It is my aspiration to cultivate a mind saturated with samadhi. It hasn't necessarily been an easy road. 


My name is  Alexios Antypas. I am a  Buddhist, father of four, husband and runner. I have been practicing meditation and studying Buddhism since 2010, and teach environmental policy at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.


My passions are running, writing and meditation, and practicing Buddhadharma in general, and I am in the midst of making a midlife transition to being a full-time writer, runner and meditator. My beautiful wife Andrea and I are launching a project to establish a meditation retreat center in the mountains of Transylvania, Romania. Wish us well!



For any questions you may have, you can reach me here: alexios.antypas@gmail.com, or by filling this form:


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